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Letter from Susannah Smith Barnett, Campbell County, GA, 1842

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Georgia, Campbell County

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

I take one more opportunity of informing you that we are all well at this time with the ception of myself, I am very feeble and low and has been for a long time., what it is that ails me I cannot tell you I am so nigh helpless that I can neither get up or downn or walk about the house nor yard only as Betty helps me and goes about with me and holds me up by the arm. I have been lingering so long and without any alteration only for the worse that I have lost all hopes of ever getting so I can go about again. We got a letter from Reginah the first Tuesday April last which brought sorry , unplesant and unexpected news which caused us all to feel for what tilla felt. Tell tilla that we console with her and Ambrose on the lose of their sons but tell them that we was born to die that these bodies were only lent us for awhile and then they must return from whence they came and as they boys was recalled first from this world to bear the shock as well as they can. Reginah stated in her letter that you all wanted to see me vary bad the only chance for you or any of the connection to ever see me any more is for you to come and see me as for me to come to see you is entirely beyond expectation. I want some of you to come and see me if you posably can get this far it would make me glad truly glad to see some of you in Campbell..

Caty, I want you when you get this letter to rite to me as soon as you can and send me word how you took that brainstone that you took when you was down with the dropsey. Gabrielle family is all well . Gabrielle had a daughter on the 26th of February last. the times is grievous hard, money is scarce Bentons drops only in times of elections the best ........ we have is sold and sold for nothing good................................................................ ...........

I wrote you a letter on the same day that Reginah wrote me that we got the first of April last, but in your letter you said nothing about it so we concluded that you was about the same. I beleive was in that that is in this I want you to show this to all the connection , you must excuse my bloches bad riting and speling all that you have got to do is read it if you can and then you will know what is in it I wnt you to rite us as soon as you get the letter so no more at this time but remain yours and until death. Carolina this June 20th, 1842.

Susannah Barnett

Source: Janette Davenport

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