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Letter from O.C. Kidd Sr. to B.P and E.F. Smith, February 1866

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Georgia, Campbell County

We drop you a few lines by the hands of E. Strickland to let you know how we are all doing at this time. Those of us that are alive are tolerable well at this time, for which we are thankful to almighty God. We have not heard from you since the letter that Betty wrote July 29, 1863, at Athens. Parson Epram Strickland called to see us agreeable to promise and informed us about you. We are glad to learn that you are still in the land of the living. I have to write you the doleful news of the death of your mother & brothers. James Harvey got killed at the battle of Friedercksburg Virginia December 13th 1862. I was present and saw him die and help bury him John Milledge died near the same place in Va. April 2nd, 1863 and was embalmed and sent home Buried at Antioc by his sister that died many years ago. Your Mother died October 16, 1863 with arysipilas on her face She lived only 7 or 8 days after she was taken. Iverson S. died in Natches in July 3, 1863. and I have been informed by a letter from Jane, I supose you knew more about her case than I do have passed through many sore conflicts since you left. There has been many changes in the last few years because of this uncalled for war many have passed from time to eterinty by it. Ca. county has been devastated by it. There has Country is full of widows and orphants, and disrepts of every kind. Our parts has suffered greatly by the Devils thing for I must call it for it eminated in Hell & to Hell it went. it is not worth my while dwelling on that subject as I suppose you are well aquainted with it. I will write on something else in short sentences Your Aunt Malinda died Nov 20th 1863, James John and Milton Kidd all died in the Army of Virginia. So you see your Uncle Lilburn has lost 3 of his sons and his wife, and I have lost the same. Minerva & her family lived with me for the last 3 years they have moved upon the river above campbell on the Andrew Foster place. I understand that Minerva and William LaFayette are both writing to you and will give you the knew on there part generally and as for Bryant connection I judge they will write by Strickland also and let you know how things stand with them therefore I will not write on that subject. Nancy is still living with me, and Boanerges her boy is a smart healthy pretty boy and is going to school. She sends her respect to you and say she would be glad to see you all again and would write but she thinks this letter will be sufficient at this time {{ I have married again. I married a widow Lewis of Carroll county on the 19th of November last. She is 30 years old. She was married abought 15 years and had no children and I supose she may not but all this will be knowing better in the future She appears to be very industrious so for You must not blame me for marring again or break up housekeeping & you know that would be bad for business. Your Uncle Lilburn also married Miss Eliza McGuire on the 24th of December last so we are both married again. Sarah Jane Kidd married Newton Sumers abought the 12th of December last }} The connection are generally well as far as I know We have hard times here as might be expected we have made very light crop last year which is working againist us at this time and in 1864 the armies took nearly all we made so that there will be 2 years of hard scarce times on us I lost five thousand dollars in Confederate money and Certified accounts, & three thousand dollars I paid out for a Negro boy, he is free & has left me which is the case generally, But after all of this I think we can live again if we have health and will use industry. Alpheus and Culwell are living with me this year. Fayett is living with Massey. I think of nothing more at this time as so many well with I will close. Write soon and often.

Your Very Truly
O.C. Kidd & Family
To BP & EF Smith
(4 February 1866 Sunday.)

Letter provided courtesy of Mack Kidd

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