Genealogy Heirlooms

Genealogical databases of antique recipes, seeds, bulbs, photos, recordings, books, dishes, keepsakes, houses, links

Families can lose their tangible heritage, as well as their family history, when heirs don't know who else might be interested in it. Thousands of family heirlooms move from estate sales to antique shops, instead of to other family members, because the descendants of their owners don't know each other or don't know of the existence of these heirlooms.

Creating databases of tangible family heirlooms not only helps families preserve their heritage, it could even help estate sale managers and antique dealers! Old photos are often sold at low prices as "instant ancestors." An item worth fifty cents to a stranger might be worth much more to a descendant of its original owner. People interested in tracing their family tree would be excited to own something that belonged to their ancestors.

Sites listed on this page serve two groups, the owners of items and the searchers for items. Most allow visitors to search by surname or location. Some allow visitors to add items or surnames they are looking for. Most of these sites allow owners of items to list them by surname and location.