Christoph Heinrich Ashorn (1824-1901)

Ashorn and Findeisen Photos

Photographs of descendants of Christoph Heinrich Ashorn and Carl Christoph Findeisen, who farmed near New Ulm, Texas in the late 1800s.
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Christoph Heinrich Ashorn heart (1824-1901)
Carolina Liebscher heart (1832-1899)
Edward Ashorn heart (1856-1934) son of Christoph
Rosalia Chaloupka heart (1858-1946)
Rosalie Hejl heart (1826-1917) mother of Rosalia Chaloupka
Lina Mehner Ashornheart wife of Edward Ashorn Jr.
Edward Jr.& Lina Ashorn heart individual photos
Edward Jr. & Lina Ashorn heart wedding photo
Edmund Ashorn heart (1884-1961) brother of Edward Jr.
Emma Findeisen heart (1888-1976) wife of Edmund Ashorn, daughter of Franzeska Marek
Emma and Ella Findeisen heart
Franzeska Marek heart (1846-1941) mother of Emma and Ella

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