Delsie McGinnis Lovejoy (1888-1962) and Donna Ruth Lovejoy

McGinnis Family Photographs

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Rev. David Allen McGinnisheart (1822-1896), father of Enoch Marsh McGinnis (possibly taken when his wife died)
Transcription of 1856 letter from Rev. Edmund McGinnis heart and Polly McGinnis to their son David Allen and his wife Sarah J. McGinnis
Scanned letter from Polly McGinnisheart (1798-1876), first page of 1856 letter announcing their arrival in Texas
Scanned letter from Edmund McGinnisheart (1798-1876), second page of 1856 letter
Salathiel Oral Lawson heart(1836-1910), the father of Addie S. Lawson
Addie Sylvania Lawsonheart (1864-1944)
Addie S. Lawson McGinnis (1864-1944) and Enoch Marsh McGinnis (1857-1936), parents of Delsie McGinnis Lovejoy
Enoch Marsh McGinnisheart (1857-1936)
Enoch Marsh McGinnis's signature from back of previous photograph
Enoch Marsh McGinnis and mule
Addie S. Lawson McGinnis (1864-1944) and Kittie V. McGinnis Stockdick
Rex Oral McGinnis heart(1885-1960) - boy
Rex Oral McGinnis - young adult
Rex Oral McGinnis - adult
Kittie V. McGinnis Stockdick, sister of Delsie McGinnis Lovejoy
Kittie V. McGinnis Stockdick heart(1891-1970) daughter of Enoch Marsh McGinnis
Delsie McGinnis Lovejoy (1888-1962) and Donna Ruth Lovejoy
Lesta Lovejoy King heart and friends in Freeport, TX
Photo labeled "Uncle Mac", probably Asbury Hamlin McGinnis (1854-abt 1933), eldest son of David Allen McGinnis
Samantha Beuhring McGinnis Coplin Young, daughter of David Allen McGinnis
Herbert Parmenas McGinnis (1891-after 1980), son of Parmenas McGinnis and grandson of David Allen McGinnis
Ruth O'Bryan McGinnisheart (1895-1970) and Charles David McGinnis I
Charles David McGinnis, young man
Michael David McGinnis recently
Mark James McGinnis and Michael David McGinnis
Family Photo, Christmas 1997: Charles David McGinnis I, Eloise Garrett McGinnis, Michael David McGinnis (childless), Mark James McGinnis and wife and three sons, Marilyn Ruth McGinnis Loree and husband and children

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