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Last Will & Testament - Rev. Edmund McGinnis, (1798-1865) of Cabell County, WV and Fayette County, TX

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Last Will filed 12th Aug 1866
- In the name of God amen, I Edmund McGinnis of the county of Fayette and State of Texas do make and ordain this my last will and Testament
- Item 1st - After having paid all my just debts, I will to my wife Polly McGinnis all of my real and personal Estate to have during her lifetime to use and dispose of in any way as I would if living, I recommend that my lands be sold as soon as practicable and the proceeds be vested in a more suitable family residence so as to obviate the Scarcity of Timber and the inconvenience of church and School facilites
-- Item 2nd -- Should the lands not be sold nor my debts paid entire at the death of my wife then I will to my son Fletcher McGinnis, to my adopted son John Bolin and my grandson Millard Filmore Beuhring the lands to be equally devided among them after the payment of my debts and what other effects that may be on hand to go to my Son Fletcher to aid him in raising and educating my grancchildren viz the Beuhring children. My grandson Millard being a minor is not to be any hindrance to my son Fletcher Selling or Making a title to the lands, and Fletcher is to act as the guardian of Millard and to give him his portion of land whenever a purchase may be made. Fletcher is to have my buildings and will over and above the other two legatees above named that he may be the better able to afford a home for my grandchildren intrusted to his case. My son Melville is to have access to a hole of water above my house and is to have all the claims that I hold against him given up and also the claims against Fletcher are to be given up
-- Item 3rd I appoint my wife Polly McGinnis Executrix and my son Fletcher jointly with her Executor without having to give any security to the probate court and that the probate court have nothing to do with the will only to prove it
-- Item 4 -- I will to my son Oliver my black horse for the benefit of his son Bertrand
-- Item 5 I will to my son David A. McGinnis my theological library This the 29th day of May 1865.

Edmund McGinnis
- In presence of Jasper Fullur and William Mungler

Fayette Co TX - Probate Records Vol F, p. 493

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