Faces of our ancestors Pathway:  A Family History
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Preface     1: Rulers of Ireland   2: Publicans to Preachers    3: Gone to Texas    4: West Virginia Home    5: The Swedish Connection    6: Next Stop: Katy, Texas    7: Ruth and Rex    8: Sinners in Salem   9: Yankees Go South    10: Wandering Irish   11: Among the Cajuns   12: Pennsylvania Scotch   13: End of Plantations   14: From Dukes to Doctors    15: Lutherans on the Farm   16: Elva Meets Alpheus

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Pathway: A Family History and how can I get a copy?
At first it was only available online on this web site, but then Pathway became a 200-page paperback spanning four hundred years and fourteen generations. I no longer actively market that customizable bound book, because bookbinding by hand is so laborious. But I might make some exceptions. And if you're a publisher, I'm ready to talk.

What is your experience in the publishing industry?
In my years as a magazine and newsletter editor, I spent a lot of time around print shops. I'm the author of several books for children, all self-published and hand-bound. A respected publisher recently expressed interest in one of them. My most popular play was performed by groups across the country, and was later included in a collection of other short plays.

Which people in the book are your favorites?
That's a tough question! I have so many interesting ancestors. When I need to stand up for what's right, I think of Rebecca Nourse standing unblinkingly before the judges at the Salem witch trials. The frontier faith of Edmund and Polly McGinnis inspires me. But I'm also tickled by the wily Johan "Steel Coat" Stalcop or by my opinionated great-grandfathers E.M. McGinnis and A.S. Garrett.

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