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Letters written in the 1870's by Polly McGinnis and her daughter-in-law Sarah Jane Marsh McGinnis from Texas and West Virginia
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Polk County, Texas,
March 9 '71

Dear David and Sara

I am abel to work and write a little though I feel quite feeble and often cough verry hard and suffer much yet the hope of heaven bears me up and I hope to live a while longer and want to groe better, You want to know if Melvills oldest son is living he is not he died the first day of December last three years agoe and his secon son twenty one days after they walked out together a few days before Arden death and picked place where they wished to be buried. Arden profest religion four hours before he died and talked to all present and bid them farewell and died praising the lord so we are all fast passing away. John Bolen movd here in december last and he died the fifteenth of January last. Corena his widdow has one child a daughter one year old and they are with me pray for us that the widow and fatherless may be provided for

May we met in heaven

Polly McGinnis

Asbury, I recived your picture and think you must be a fine looking man perhaps a bisshop yet be faithful in the good lives. Mary and Samantha, Adorn the profeshion you have made and walk in the footsteps of the righteous and write when you can and pray often"


My dear little grandson I was glad to hear from you be kind to all and fear and love God with all your heart and write again and tell Parmenias to write to me

Polly Mc

Enoch M McGinnis (apparently the grandson she's referring to)

"Mole Hill, Ritchie Co., West Va.

June 10, 1876

Mr. Coplin and Samantha. Sarah got your letter of June 4th. I was glad to hear from you, and of your good luck and hope Samantha will get along well. I am going to tell Samantha how to treat herself. You should not eat any thing more than milk warm if you eat your victuals hot you will take cold easy do not keep covered warmer than is comfortable and do not bear your weight on your feet for 9 days and not then unless your very stout You must not do your work for 3 weeks and not then unless you are stout if it is rainy weather you should have fresh air when the air is dry If you go to work too soon you will bring on weakning diseases and you will lose more than it will cost to hire a girl. If you have fever you live on a very light diet drink balm tea luke warm and do not take one bit of whiskey. Dr. Devore says whiskey should not be used in fever You do not belong to a very rugged family but I think if you take care of yourself you will be stout. I have been wanting to come and see you ever since Melcina was out but it appeared I could not get of I may come in one or two weeks and bring your things Mary is taking medicine The Dr. says it will take 2 or 3 months to cure her he says her disease has become cronic the children say call the babe Centenial.

Sarah J. Mc"

"July 16th

Samantha we got our horses last saturday morning to go to see you as the horses were very tired and I did not feel well we concluded to not go untill this morning as I took sick night before last and am confined to my bed we could not come I do not know when we will come I want to bring your things when I come I feel a little better this I had high fever and my flesh was very sore I took a sweat last night Sarah is sick this morning. I heard that Mac talked of going to see you soon If he goes I can hear from him how you are if he does not go write immediately and tell me how you are I wrote to last Saturday thinking I could get Mac to go and see you and take it I gave you some directions how to take care of yourself,


"I send you a piece of Mary's dress. She bought her a white straw hat $2.75 cts. I will insure you if you do not take care of yourself for 3 or 4 weeks you will pay dearly for it do not lift anything heavy."

Quoted from "William D. and Matilda Davis Young: Their Ancestors and Descendants, Including Brief Reports on the Bear, Cline, Davis, Groff, Hanger, Hottel, Hoagland, Marsh, and McGinnis Families" 1994, from a diskette owned by Bruce C. Young Jr.

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